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Appelfeld Zer Fisher, patent and trademark attorneys, specializes in Intellectual Property law, including drafting, filing and prosecution of patent, design, and trademark applications, as well as litigation, and commercial law - in Israel.

AZF cooperates with other patent and trademark attorneys locally and worldwide, and enjoys long-term relationships with many of them. 

We handle patent and trademark portfolios of all sizes, and provide each client individualized service, giving each and every application our full attention.  

, our propriety software, helps us monitor the status of each application, including tracking important deadlines. 

As an added value, we offer our years of experience in licensing transactions and complex litigation, which make it possible for us to support patents or trademarks after registration. 

Our staff includes lawyers, patent attorneys, doctors, engineers, computer experts, biologists, physics experts, who work in teams, so that any patent application is handled by an expert in the relevant field.

Other patent and trademark experts are active members of important organizations such as AIPPI, INTA, LES, and more.

An individually assigned project coordinator is directly in contact with each client, ensuring that the client has a direct line of communication with the firm regarding each project.

Founding Team

Appelfeld, Ilanit

Ilanit Appelfeld, advocate, holds a masters degree in Intellectual Property from King?s College, London University.

Ilanit specializes in technology licensing including agreements, distribution and OEMs.

Additionally, Ilanit specializes in resolving difficult licensing challenges, including shrink wrap and on-screen licenses, performing copyright due diligence, and preparing all of the required assignment, licensing and waiver agreements.

Over the years, Ilanit has participated in professional forums for intellectual property and has given lectures on topics such as trademark use in the Internet, IP management of high tech companies, and legal exposure to copyright infringement in the Internet.


Zer, Yoram

Yoram Zer, advocate and patent attorney, holds a Computer Science and Industrial Engineering and Management degree from the Technion ? Israel Institute of Technology, as well as a LL.B from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzelia.

With his legal background and experience in analysis and development of computerized systems, in both the military and the commercial markets, Yoram is capable of providing solutions to a wide range of complex technological and legal issues.

Yoram?s specialty, gained from close work with high tech companies, is focused on patent drafting in different disciplines such as data processing, wireless and digital communications, optical signals processing, network applications and methods of doing business.


Fisher, Zeev

Zeev Fisher, advocate, earned his law degree from the Tel-Aviv University.

Zeevstarted his career as a lawyer for the IDF, gaining experience in legal counseling and litigation.

After leaving the IDF for private practice, Zeev combined his computer programming experience with his legal skills, to specialize in Intellectual Property law, including drafting of software patents and litigating patent, trademark and copyright disputes.

Zeev also has vast experience in commercial contracts and corporate law.


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