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Israel Patent Office Rules - Circulars of the Israeli Commissioner of Patent and Trademarks defining the Israeli rules of practice. 
RelatIP – A social network for IP Professionals.
PCT Calculator? - Calculate important dates in the PCT process
AZF is a boutique of Israeli Patent and Trademark Law. AZF represents a wide range of deomstic Israeli clients as well as world industry leaders. We focus mainly on drafting, filing, prosecution and litigation of patent and trademark cases.
Our law firm cooperates with offices locally and worldwide, and enjoys long-term relationships with many of them. Read More >


1. How much do we charge?
2. What documents do we need?
3. The Israel patent registration process
  4. More facts about Israeli Patents

1. How much do we charge?
1. Search Israeli Trademarks
2. What documents do we need?
3. The Israel trademark registration processl?
4. More facts about Israeli Trademarks
Israel PTO Circular M.N. 72 - applications examined according to section 17(c) of the patent act, for which proceedings outside of Israel exist
Israel Patent Renewal - Relevant Provisions from Regulations
Israel Patent Opposition - Filing Notices and Evidence
Israel PTO Circular M.N. 71 - Accelerating the Examination of Applications for Patent Which Entered The National Stage
Taiwan - WENPING & CO.
USA - Emerson, Thomson & Bennett
Israel Trademark Office Circular M.N. 67 - Official Trademark Gazette
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