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  Israel Patent Commissioner M.N. 51 - Amendment to circular from 19.2.2007
Meir Noam, Commissioner of patents and Trademarks


To: Applicants, Patent Attorneys, Attorneys
From: Dr. Meir Noam, The Commissioner of Patents Trademarks and Designs

Re: Amendment to Circular M.N. 51 from February 19, 2007

Answering a notice according to section 18 of the patent law, 1976

  1. Section 18(A) of the Patent Law - 1967 determines the examinerīs authority to demand the applicant to provide "the list of references on which patent authorities in any country othr than Israel were relying upon when examining a patent application for the same invention which was filed in these countries by the applicant or anyone who preceded him in the right of ownership for the invention".

  2. Circular M.N. 51 determines, inter alia, the applicantīs duty to file each reference which was classified as X or Y on digital media.

  3. In some countries, such as the US, the X and Y classification used by the international search authorities is not used, and hence, such references were not filed in digital media [in the past].

  4. Therefore, since the publication of this circular, all references provided in a country other than Israel against the novelty or inventive step in the [corresponding] application, including X and Y references, will be filed on a digital media - a CD.

  5. In addition, in response to [a notice according to] section 18 of the law, a list of all applications filed in a country other than Israel for the same invention, will be provided.

  6. Clauses 1 and 2 of circular M.N. 51 are hereby cancelled.


    Dr. Meir Noam,
    Commissioner of Patents, Trademarks and Designs


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