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  Israel Trademark Office Circular M.N. 67 - Official Trademark Gazette
Dr. Meir Noam, The Commissioner of Trademarks, Patents and Designs


1. According to section 23 of the trademark ordinance [new version] - 1972 and rule 33 of the trademark rules - 1940, the applications which were accepted for registration are published on the official trademark gazette. So far, the gazette was published in print and was circulated using the publishing company of the ministry of defence.

2. According to sections 16 and 26 of the patent law - 1967, patent applications are published (the patent gazette). For 3 years now, the patent office publishes the patent journal in its website on In addition, the journal in digital media (CD) was published and circulated to its subscribers using the publishing company of the ministry of defence.

3. According to our inquiries, only few subscribers are still interested in receiving a printed version or digital media of the gazettes. In addition, starting on January 1, 2009, the service of circulating provided by the ministry of defence will cease to act.

4. Hence, starting from journal January 2009, the patent and trademark office will consider publishing over the internet to be satisfactory with the requirements of the law, and the circulation of journals to subscribers will cease from that date. Users who will need asistance with the internet are welcome to contact the intern, Mr. Ben Kartozinski, on 02-5651662.

5. It should be noted that the period mentioned in the ordinance and the law to file oppositions will be counted from the date which is mentioned on the jounals as the date of their publishing. At the same time, a notice on publishing the journal will be sent to the mailing list of the patent office and a similar notice will be published on the office´s website.

6. We expect that publishing the journals over the internet will improve the office´s work and will allow convenient access to the public of users.

Dr. Meir Noam,
Commissioner of Patents, Trademarks and Designs


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