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  Israel PTO Circular M.N. 71 - Accelerating the Examination of Applications for Patent Which Entered The National Stage
Meir Noam, Commissioner of Patents, Trademarks and Desings


In order to imrove the examination process according to circular M.N. 14, the following circular is hereby published:

1. An application for which the following conditions are present, will be deemed as if the clauses 4, 5, 8, 12 and 13 of the patent act - 1967, apply to.

A. The application entered the national stage in Israel (hereinafter: "the Israeli Application") and it was stated in the international examination report that there is novelty and inventive step in the invention, that only one invention is claimed, that the ways for performance of the invention allow a person with ordinary skill in the art to perform it and that the claims are reasonably a result of the specification;

B. The specification and claims on the Israeli application are identical to those at the international application which was examined by the ISA or the international examining authority;

C. The applicant filed a request to activate this circular and noted in his request that the conditions specified in this circular are present;

D. The applicant filed, if needed, the translation of the international application which was examined in the ISA or the examination authority to the language that the application was filed in Israel.

2. The commissioner, the chief examiner or its deputy are entitled to determine that clauses 4,5,8,12, and 13 of the law are applicable to the application, even if the application does meet the requirements noted above, based on the material which they posses or which was filed to them during the examination of the application.

3. Circular M.N 14 is hereby repealed. Applications filed under circular M.N. 14 will be examiner according to circular M.N. 14.

Dr. Meir Noam,
Commissioner of Patents, Trademarks and Designs.


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