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  Israel Patent Renewal - Relevant Provisions from Regulations
Zeev Fisher, Adv., Partner


Part 6 - Paying Renewal Fees

Chapter A - Renewal Fees

85. Renewal Fee

(a) Renwal fees which are too be paid acording to section 56 of the law for a patent to remain in force should be confirmed by the parliament´s committee of monerary affairs, and will be paid on the dates set forth.

(b) One who paid, in the time in which he is required to pay the first renewal fee, the fee according to note 6(6) of the second addition, will not have to pay any further renewal fee and will be deemed as if he has lawfully paid all his renewal fees which are due.

86. A Notice to Pay

The commissioner will send the patent owner a notice to pay a renewal at least 3 months before the date due.

87. Payment of The Fee

(a) Any renewal fee will be paid not earlier than one month than its due date.
(b) The payment of each renewal fee will be registered in the journal and the patent owner will receive a confirmation.
(c) One who pays a renwal fee according to regulation 85 and the second addition and is in late in payment, will pay for each month or less of arears the fee for being late for one month.

88. Renwal fee Not Paid

If the renewal fee was not paid until the extension defined in article 57 of the law, it will be noted in the journal that the patent lapsed.


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