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  Israel PTO Circular M.N. 72 - applications examined according to section 17(c) of the patent act, for which proceedings outside of Israel exist
Dr. Meir Noam, The Commissioner of Trademarks, Patents and Designs


1. Section 17(e) of the Israel patent law of 1967 (hereinafter: "the law"), sets forth the following:

"if proceedings for the cancellation of the corresponding patent or proceedings of opposition to grant the corresponding patent outside of Israel, the applicant will so notify the commissioner, no later then the date of the grant of the patent in Israel".

2. The examination of application according to section 17(c) of the law will be suspended until the end of the cancellation or opposition in present relating to the corresponding application, on which the request to be examined according to clause 17(c) of the law is based. 

3.  The suspension is meant to prevent duplicate proceedings and is a result of the correlation between the Israeli application and the corresponding application, in light of section 17(c) of the law.

4. To remove all doubt, the applicant will not be required to pay a suspension fee for the noted period.


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